Incoming student - Medecine

Only students who come under an existing bilateral agreement with our faculty of medicine will be supported by the International Relations Office.
Several possibilities of mobility are offered to students depending on the agreement signed with the home university.

ERASMUS + “SMS” Student mobility for studies –

University Hospital internships + “FIHU Courses” Integrated University Hospital Training

(FIHU exams can be taken on request)

Students come mainly in our exchange programme to do hospital internships at the Grenoble University Hospital CHU. They are integrated into the different departments of the CHU upon the proposal of the International Relations Office according to their wishes for clinical rotation, and availability in the chosen departments. They have access to all of the theoretical courses offered to graduate medical students.

Presentation of the University hospital

Courses and internships available

Clinical rotations

Incoming students spend most of their stay here taking part in clinical internships in the various departments of our CHU. They integrate our practical internships in accordance with the subjects negotiated upstream of their arrival with their University of Origin (Signed Learning Agreement)

To come on an exchange programme, you must contact the international relations office of your faculty who will communicate the application procedure to you and who will nominate you to UGA.

Vaccine recommandations

ERASMUS + “SMP” Student mobility for placement –
(2nd cycle of studies 4th, 5th, 6th year)

Only students from partner universities our faculty has signed a bilateral agreement with providing for mobility in SMP will be supported by the BRI.

For students coming from Universities without an SMP agreement with our Faculty of Medicine, or wishing to apply as Freemovers, you cannot go through our University Office. Please contact directly the services in which you wish to apply, as described on the site of the CHU.

Internes ERASMUS +

Your stay will not be organized by the Interational Relations Office.

Etudiants IFMSA

Internship at the CHU and governed by a tripartite agreement between the Faculty, the CHU and the Association of Medical Students of Grenoble.
These internships are administratively managed by AEMG, the Grenoble medical students association.
For any information, contact directl the AEMG association:

Students in their 3rd study cycle

Public supported by the 3rd cycle education office:

Erasmus requests outside the faculty agreements / trainee student at the CHU University Hospital

Students wishing to train at the CHU University Hospital outside the cooperation agreements signed by the Faculty of Medicine are not covered by the Faculty of Medicine.
They must contact the CHU in order to organize the internship.
This reception is only possible for an internship in a single department.
Under no circumstances can the student apply for diploma equivalence with the university.
Students are assimilated to externs, they do their internships under observation and are therefore not allowed to touch patients.

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Published on  June 7, 2021
Updated onJune 7, 2021