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CBH Graduate School

Chemistry Biology Health Graduate School (CBH Graduate School) is a program to support our students from the beginning of the Master to the PhD and after.
As a Master student in Health Engineering you will benefit from  a global experience through education and research, professional development and personal development.
For more information consult our offers (international scholarships, actions towards students, mentoring, events, PhD offers...)
CBH Graduate School

Scholarships for students registering at UGA (incoming students)

Excellent students applying to Université Grenoble Alpes and registering at the Master international BioHealth Engineering can apply to different funding:
-    EUR CBH Graduate School grants:
This is your first registration in a French University and you are applying in one of the programs of the Master in Chemistry? You are eligible to the grant program awarded by the CBH Graduate School. Students will be selected on their academic background and motivation for research-oriented training, and will be contacted by the Masters responsible when they are accepted in the chosen course after evaluation of their file.
-    UGA IDEX grants:
-    Eiffel scholarship program of excellence …
Contact the International Relations Office of the Pharmacy faculty :

Mobility aid for internship abroad for students of the Master in Health Enginering (outgoing mobility):

You are registered in the master in Health Engineering and you wish to do an internship of a minimum duration of 2 months (M1) or 6 months (M2) in a research laboratory abroad. You are looking for ways to help finance your mobility. You can consider the following various opportunities:
- EUR internship grants:
The amount of the grant will be calculated based on the duration of the internship and the distance from the internship location.
- Erasmus internship grants and grants from the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region:
Contact the International Relations Office of the Pharmacy faculty :

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Published on  June 7, 2021
Updated on October 1, 2021